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What We Do

Research and innovation are foundational to the work we do in our centers and to the work we scale across our partner network, achieving greater outcomes for more children and their families.

Shine Early Learning Training and Technical Assistance
Acelero, Inc. Areas of Impact

Our Areas of Impact

Our work is centered on accelerating child, family, and partner outcomes in these key areas of impact: Data-driven Innovation and Research; Early Childhood Education: Family Engagement and Health; Comprehensive Program and System Management; Grant and Funding Services: Developing and Empowering Leaders; and Business, Administrative, and Operational Support Services.

Acelero Early Childhood Products

Our Products

Our work is grounded in data and research to ensure the validity and reliability of our products and services and to realize the greatest impact for children and their families. Explore our innovative, research-tested, and family-centered tools designed to accelerate positive outcomes in early childhood programs, including our Child Assessment tools, Child and Home Learning Curriculum, Data and Monitoring Systems, and Professional Development and training programs.

Scaling Our Impact

Acelero, Inc. is dedicated to expanding its impact and geographic reach nationally. Through its community and public partnerships, Shine Early Learning expands the reach of Acelero Learning centers, impacting 415,000 children across 25 states and territories.

Measurable Impact

Our equity-centered practices are data-backed. We test, measure and track our programs to continually improve and maximize impact for children and families.


Total Children Impacted Through Our Work

415,000 children are impacted in our Acelero centers and through our Shine Early Learning partnerships.


Children Served in Our Centers Every Day

Acelero Learning centers directly serve over 4,300 children and families in 48 centers and four states.


Geographic Reach and Scale of our Network

Acelero, Inc. impacts communities across 25 U.S. states and territories as an operator and a partner.

Putting our innovations into practice across our network

Our Network

Acelero Learning

Acelero Learning provides equity-centered early education to prepare children for Kindergarten and beyond. We operate within vibrant and diverse communities and strive to honor the aspirations and cultures of the students, families, and educators we serve.

Shine Early Learning training and technical assistance

Shine Early Learning

Shine Early Learning partners with community-based programs and public systems, providing data-driven tools and an equity-centered approach to accelerate child and family outcomes nationally.