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Lori Levine is making an impact at Acelero

Lori Levine is a Senior Vice President of Family Engagement for Acelero, Inc.

Lori Levine with Head Start Student.

What brought you to Acelero, Inc.?

I came to Acelero because I was drawn to an organization that develops early childhood education models that scale impact nationally and moves our country closer to equitable ECE systems that give families and children from marginalized communities the lives they deserve. I wanted to work for an organization whose mission is to break down systems in which skin color and zip codes define children’s and families’ outcomes in life.

What do you find meaningful about the work that you do with Acelero, Inc.?

I find it meaningful how we vision and work together with families. Advocates and teachers who are doing the work every day never losing sight of our mission. I’m fortunate in my position to be able to listen to and learn from so many families and staff members in different communities across our network. It allows me to use what I’ve learned to work collectively and create spaces where families can realize their aspirations for their children.

What is something people may not know about Acelero, Inc. that you would like to share with them?

Folks may not know how broad and deep our work has become. There are many ways we are realizing our mission – through our work in our own Acelero Learning centers and in our work through Shine Early learning, collaborating with public systems and diverse community partnerships across the country. Also, folks may be unaware of the improvements we have made in our innovation and design processes to center the voices of families and communities in our organization and our partner organizations, co-designing programs that can have the greatest impact for families and children.